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This day in history of Ronaldo


Seleção olímpica decepciona e perde na estréia da Copa Ouro

Para Roberto Carlos, Beckham mostrará que não é só marketing

Barcelona aguarda resposta do PSG para proposta por Ronaldinho

Los galácticos sí han resultado rentables


Ronaldo se divierte con Heidi Klum en Cerdeña

«Реал» хочет распрощаться с Макманаманом

Мексика – Бразилия: статистика матча

Луиш Фигу. Враг фасоли и лука

Камбьяссо, вероятно, придется уйти из клуба

Роберто Карлос: Дэвида будут судить исходя по игре

Роналдо развлекается с Хейди Клумом (Heidi Klum) на острове Серденья (Cerdeña)

Mexico 1, Brazil 0

Roberto Carlos: Beckham Will Be Judged on Ability

Roll over Ronaldo, here come the robots


Copa America: Brasil 1:2 Paraguay

Brasil perde para o Paraguai e termina em segundo do grupo

Aumenta la intensidad y se enciende la reserva



Лига Чемпионов, первый квалификационный раунд

Вторник в Лас Росас. Утро целиком посвящено физической подготовке, вечер – тактической

Кубок Америки. Бразильцы проиграли парагвайцам

Copa-Costa Rica qualify with injury-time winner

Copa-Brazil 1 Paraguay 2 - Copa America result


Real Madrid vai aos Estados Unidos em busca de dinheiro

Real pagaria 50 milhões mais Ronaldo por Adriano

Comienza la Gira: Rumbo a Chicago

El Real Madrid viaja a la Gira con Toshiba a bordo

Expectación máxima en Chicago con la llegada del Real Madrid

Hello Mr. Casillas, how are you?

Los tres capitanes: “El Real Madrid es muy grande en cualquier parte del mundo”

Начинается тур: Вылетаем в Чикаго

Экс-жена Роналдо снялась для Maxim

Unfinished business for Real as they set off on tour


Ronaldo será operado no sábado

Pai de Ronaldo diz que o filho agüenta esta e muitas outras crises





Роналдо предстоит операция

Ronaldo to undergo left tibia surgery


"Argentina é favorita", afirma Dunga

Em Natal, Pato deseja conhecer seu ídolo, Ronaldo Nazário

Robinho disputará a Messi y Riquelme la Copa América y el MVP del torneo

Их осталось только трое

Дунга назвал Аргентину фаворитом финала Кубка Америки

Роналдо собрался жениться


Planejamento do Corinthians para Ronaldo prevê descanso

Campionato Brasiliano, Ronaldo Perde e Adriano Pareggia

3 тренера лишились своих постов по итогам очередного раунда чемпионата Бразилии по футболу

Футболист сборной Аргентины дисквалифицирован за драку

Argentine D'Alessandro banned 60 days in Brazil


Cristiano y Kaká, en el 'peor equipo del Mundial' del diario 'The Sun'


"Сборная Бразилии" пробилась в четвертьфинал Кубка Америки по футболу


Video: Ronaldo vs Valencia CF (1996/97) - Обзор матча



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Portugal advance to quarter finals, Spain eliminated

LISBON, June 20 (SW) - With a goal from substitute Nuno Gomes in the second half, Portugal are through to the quarter finals while Spain are left in tears after yet another unsuccessful European campaign.

The battle of the Iberian giants saw two players receiving a yellow card in the opening phase. For Portugal, Pauleta handled the ball in the 7th minute and soon after that, Spanish midfielder Albelda challenged Deco. Both will miss a possible next match.

Portugal were the better side at the start and Scolari's players were pushing for an opening goal, as they need a victory to survive the group.

In the 17th minute the Spanish survived a strong Portuguese attack which ended with Figo's shot being blocked by a defender and Fernando Torres went for a counter-attack but received no help from his teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo delivered a dangerous shot on the Spanish goal three minutes later but Real Madrid goalkeeper Ikér Casillas did well to block the attempt and kept his net clean.

As the Greeks were trailing 2-0 in Faro-Loulé at this point, they relied on the Spanish to at least keep Portugal to a draw but the hosts were most dominant and the opening goal seemed to be a matter of time.

Portuguese right-back Miguel was close to scoring it in the 20th minute as he tested Casillas again but the goalkeeper was still awake and saved his team once again.

The home crowd got a scare soon afterwards as Ricardo had to leave his goal to prevent a chance for Fernando Torres. The goalkeeper was focused however and conquered the ball with two legs as he came sliding in.

Spain got another chance in the 35th minute when Raúl only just failed to control a powerful cross from the left wing. The Spanish were slowly finding their way into the game although the Portuguese attacks still seemed most dangerous.

Luis Figo delivered a good cross in stoppage time and Cristiano Ronaldo jumped higher than the defenders but his header went wide. With that, the Portuguese only have 45 minutes left to avoid elimination.

The second half started with one chance as Nuno Gomes came on for Pauleta, who had not been having a good first half. The 27 year old had to reinforce the team in the hunt for a quick goal in the second half.

Where as in the first half, Portugal were the dominant side in the opening phase, it was now Spain to push forward. With the current scores in the two matches, they would go through as groupwinners.

However in the 57th minute it was Portugal to finally break the deadlock when Nuno Gomes struck in without mercy after a combination with Figo. Now, Portugal would win the group with Greece ending in second position.

Five minutes later, Fernando Torres almost equalized when he hit Ricardo's post. Spain now had to score back, or depend on the score between Russia and Greece, where the Russians would have to score one more for Spain to go through.

Goalscorer Nuno Gomes was yellow-carded by referee Anders Frisk from Sweden after a foul on Barcelona defender Carles Puyol.

A Valencian substitution followed in the 66th minute when coach Iñaki Saez replaced Albelda, who had kept a low profile so far, with Rubén Baraja.

The next booking was for Spain as Juanito blocked Maniche as the Spanish were unable to hunt for an equalizer. At this stage, Portugal were aiming for a second goal and spent most of the time on the Spanish half.

Saez made another change in the 72nd minute as he took off young Betis Sevilla player Joaquín and replaced him with Deportivo's Luque.

Puyol was the next in line to receive a yellow card after a foul on Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been playing a good match for Portugal so far.

Spain now started to put pressure on the Portuguese defense and came closer to an equalizer. Juanito hit the crossbar in the 76th minute, adding to the Spanish frustration.

Two minutes later, Scolari took off playmaker Luis Figo, who was guided by a big applause from the fans as he walked from the pitch, and Petit came on for the remaining 12 minutes to defend the lead.

After Vicente Rodriguez' shot in the 80th minute went wide, Iñaki Saez used his last substitution to replace central defender Juanito with striker Fernando Morientes.

Scolari now focused completely on his team's defensive line as he replaced the impressive Cristiano Ronaldo with Fernando Couto in the 84th minute.

Maniche was close to a second goal for Portugal in the 85th minute when his header went only just over Casillas' crossbar. Spain were still alive but time was running out.

While the fans were biting on their nails in the stadium, coach Scolari had to be held back by one of his own players as he was passionately discussing a matter with Spain's winger Vicente.

In the 91st minute, Maniche almost scored as he got around Casillas but his shot on goal was held by defender Raúl Bravo in a last attempt to keep his team alive.

Spain were unable to score the required equalizer in the last minutes and the biggest chances were actually for Portugal. With the final whistle, Portugal were through to the quarter finals were Spain were once again eliminated at a final tournament.


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