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This day in history of Ronaldo


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Ronaldo Friends 4-Zidane Friends 3

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eXTReMe Tracker


Ronaldo says “I bet for on a 1-2 score... one of the goals mine”

He is the most feared, and the most desired. He arouses different feelings depending on the region. In Barcelona he is feared even more after seeing what he did last Sunday against Albacete. On the other hand, thereґs Madrid, where people are expecting him to lead Real Madrid to victory. Ronaldo stated to Real Madrid Televisiуn (Type 55 on Digital +, Thursday 18, at 14:30, live) and Realmadrid.com his feelings towards his first classic game of the year: "It will be a great game, with a lot of pressure". He thinks the team is at a good moment and he dares to forecast a "1-2"score, with his goal included. Nevertheless he doesnґt really care. "What matters is that the team brings home a victory from Camp Nou".

-Barcelona-Real Madrid. How do you see the team? How do you see your rivals?
-It is the most long-awaited game of the whole season. We have improved our game lately, we have achieved many victories and the team is at a good moment morale-wise to face this game, we have a lot of trust. Barcelona is playing quite well, so it will be the usual kina of classic game, a great game with a lot of pressure, probably with some confusion… I hope it will be a game with lots of goals… and that they will be ours.

-Does it favour you the fact that they are ahead and that your beginning has been more irregular?
-Itґs never important the state of the teams before this kind of derby. Here there are other motivations, much better. It does not depend on the moment of each team but their willingness to achieve the victory.

-The three points are important, the distance could be reduced to its minimum.
-There are three points as any other game, what is important is the push of moral that the winner will receive. We have been playing very well and if we win there, it can be tough for them, something that will benefit us in the following games.

-Your relationship with the classic games is atypical. In the first one, for example, you got sick.
-Yes, I had an incredibly bad luck. I felt sick, with fever and I had to watch the game on TV. In Madrid I placed and last year I took part in the victory in Camp Nou, where I scored a goal. In the last one, playing in Bernabйu, I wasnґt either due to an injury. I hope to reach next Saturdayґs game in perfect conditions to play.

- Madrid had to wait for your arrival to break the 20 years patch without winning against Barcelona.
-Iґm glad of having contributed with my play and goals to break such a negative statistic, because we have been a long time without winning there. Now we have to face this game with lots of hopes and get the points not matter how.

-All the last game, it was said that Ronaldo works more back and he is not scoring.
-Iґm more complete now. I had a bad patch because I really had many opportunities in the last games, but from now on I know the good times will come back. Soon this bad beginning of season will be past history. Now Iґm going down more in order to defend and I reckon myself a more complete player. But with more luck, everything will be as it used to be.

-You have always been calm.
-Yes, of course I have always been calm because I trust in my play. I do what the Mister asks me to do in the pitch and Iґm convinced that with a bit of good luck, the goals will arrive. And I will be happier. We must wait and be patient.

-Do you maintain your bet of 35 goals for this season?
-I maintain the bet, though I know I never had it easy. Itґs a really difficult bet, but thereґs time left and I hope to score them. -Do you plan any special celebration in case of scoring a goal in the Camp Nou?
-Just scoring would be enough. First I have to score that goal and then we will decide how to celebrate it. They are very special games.

- Can losing or winning against Barcelona change the League a lot?
-Itґs soon to tell, but it will mean a moral blow for the winner and on the opposite sense, for the team losing. Barcelona is some points ahead and we have to recover them as soon as possible.

-Is Ronaldinho Barcelonaґs Ronaldo?
-Heґs a magnificent player and heґs doing things very well. We will be very careful with him because heґs a player full of imagination, lot of technique and at any time he can create an opportunity of goal or passes. Heґs a great player.

-Do you want to risk with a result?
-Hopefully, a 1-2.

-Goals from …?
-I donґt know, one mine (he smiles) and the other from Raъl, for example… It doesnґt matter. What is important is to bring home the victory from Camp Nou.

19.11.2004 13:38 +0300

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