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This day in history of Ronaldo


Brasil 1 x 0 Turquia

Чемпионат мира. Полуфинал. Бразилия - Турция - 1:0


Real Madrid confirma contratação de Queiroz como técnico

Parreira fica em Paris e Zagallo diz que torneio foi util

Carlos Queiroz: "Del Bosque es una inspiracion para mi"

Ronaldo aprieta para fichar a Ronaldinho

Йерро отказался от прощального матча

Игроки "Реала" надеются вернуть Дель Боске

Перес: Кейрос - это тренер с философией

Флорентино Перес: <Фигу останется в Мадриде>

"Райо Вальекано" позвал дель Боске

Реал продает Морьентеса

Рейтинг-лист ФИФА от 25 июня 2003 года

Queiroz in search of magic formula at Real


Forum "Ronaldo.ru" is created!!!

Grécia manda França de volta para casa


Греция сотворила самую крупную сенсацию на ЕВРО-2004

Зидан – лучший игрок группового этапа

Defending champion France knocked out by Greece

Real-ity check for Real Madrid's Four Musketeers


Brasil vence Alemanha na batalha de Nuremberg


Гол Адриано выводит сборную Бразилии в финал Кубка Конфедераций

Adriano has the final say


Робиньо не сыграет с Ганой

Бразилия - Гана

Brazil wary of nothing-to-lose Black Stars


Zico diz estar arrependido de ter trabalhado na seleção e fala sobre a final da Copa de 1998

Lídio Toledo diz que Ronaldo podia jogar a final

Chávez, Morales e Maradona vão à cerimônia

México espera jogo complicado contra o Brasil

"Somos favoritos sim", diz Vagner Love

Zico, arrepentido de haber sido coordinador de la selección brasileña

Médico de Brasil en Francia 98 responde a Zico sobre el polémico caso de Ronaldo

Кубок Америки прочат Аргентине

Бразилия готова к Кубку Америки

Вагнер поведет в бой «европейцев». Армеец будет основным форвардом сборной Бразилии, состоящей из европейских легионеров

Вагнер Лав: в России мне не хватает самбы

Вагнер и Робинью составят пару форвардов в матче с Мексикой

Zico diz estar arrependido de ter trabalhado na seleção e fala sobre a final da Copa de 1998


Евро2008: РОССИЯ ВПЕРЕД!!!


Фото: Роналдо на утренней тренировке | Treino da manhã

Mano convoca 29 para próximos compromissos

Sem tietagem, Ronaldo e Corinthians desembarcam em Curitiba

Nos grandes paulistas, Ronaldo é o único centroavante a firmar-se

Dunga: "Sólo queda un partido para lograr el objetivo buscado"

Бразильцы выиграли с трудом

Чемпионат мира по футболу мы увидим, но не услышим?

Пора закончить с сенсациями

Ману пригласил 29 игроков на следующие матчи


Josué y Ramires, posibles sustitutos para Felipe Melo contra Chile

Определились все участники плей-офф чемпионата мира по футболу

Сборная Уругвая - в четвертьфинале ЧМ по футболу в ЮАР

"Рома" заинтересовалась Роберто Карлосом

Josué y Ramires, posibles sustitutos para Felipe Melo contra Chile

Определились все участники плей-офф чемпионата мира по футболу

Сборная Уругвая - в четвертьфинале ЧМ по футболу в ЮАР

"Рома" заинтересовалась Роберто Карлосом


Video: "Ronaldo: Moment of fame" by RIOman!


Foto: Ronaldo y Leandro Damiao

26-06-2002 - Brasil 1 x 0 Turquia

Brasil 1 x 0 Turquia: o "biquinho" salvador de Ronaldo

Дель Боске: два года назад сборная Испании уже нейтрализовала Роналду

26-06-2002 - Бразилия 1-0 Турция. Роналдо спасает положение


Бразилия обыграла Уругвай со счетом 2:1

Уругвайцы в Бразилии: 53 года спустя

Марио Загалло: "Сборная Бразилии показывает фантастический футбол"

Роналдо: "Сборная Бразилии уже напоминает команду-чемпиона"


Роналдо: «Месси прекрасен, но лучший игрок ЧМ-2014 пока Неймар»

Роналдо: почти уверен, что в финале будут играть сборные Бразилии и Аргентины

Роналдо: почему меня спрашивают про Суареса? Я же никого никогда не кусал



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Real's Morientes to join Liverpool

Spanish international striker Fernando Morientes says he is delighted to be joining Liverpool after Real Madrid had agreed to a fee of nine million euros.

"I'm going to Liverpool with all the enthusiasm in the world," the 28-year-old told a news conference at Real Madrid's training ground in Las Rozas on Wednesday.

"This has been one of the most important decisions in my life and I'm very happy about it. I'm going there to work hard and become one of the team."

Liverpool said they had yet to agree personal terms with Morientes, who has been at Real since 1997.

The striker, who has won three European Cups and two league titles with Real, confirmed that he would be flying to England later on Wednesday and would undergo a medical with the Premier League side on Thursday.

He said he had mixed feelings about leaving Real, but said he could not wait to join Liverpool after a frustrating period with the Primera Liga club.

"I've spent eight years at this club, including one on loan at Monaco, and they have given me everything in my career so I've only got words of thanks for them.

"I'm going with a cupboard full of trophies and for me that's the most important thing," said Morientes.

"It hasn't been a very pleasant few months at Real, but a lot of things have happened at the club that have contributed to that and now I'm very happy."


Morientes said that he hoped he would be able to make his debut against Manchester United at Anfield on Saturday.

"I can't wait to play my first game and if it was against Manchester United then it couldn't be any better. If the medical goes well and I get a few minutes in the game then that would be brilliant."

Morientes's move to Anfield had been mooted for weeks, with Liverpool known to be in the market for a striker during the January transfer window and the Premier League club's coach Rafael Benitez expected to pick another fellow Spaniard.

If the move is completed successfully Morientes will become the fifth Spanish player to join under Benitez after former Real Madrid team mate Antonio Nunez, Luis Garcia, Josemi and Xabi Alonso.

Though he is ineligible for the Champions League, having already played for Real in the group stage, Morientes should provide a much-needed boost to Liverpool's domestic form.

Liverpool had expected a flood of goals this season after pairing Michael Owen with Djibril Cisse, only to suffer a drought after the England forward went to Real in August and the Ligue 1 top scorer suffered a double leg-break in October.

That left Czech forward Milan Baros, who had injury problems of his own, Florent Sinama-Pongolle and reserve Neil Mellor.

Liverpool have scored a modest 17 goals in their last 10 games -- five of them in a single 5-0 drubbing of bottom club West Bromwich Albion and only seven by strikers.

For Real, Morientes is surplus to requirements not just because of Owen's arrival, but also because he has never been in the same bracket as the rest of the squad's "galacticos".

But, more than anything else, it was Morientes's performances last season at Monaco, who he helped to reach the Champions League final, that meant he would no longer be satisfied with a second-string role at Real.

"We tried to convince him to stay but we couldn't," said Real's director of football Arrigo Sacchi. "We have a very high opinion of him as a player and as a person."

12.01.2005 18:27 +0300

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