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This day in history of Ronaldo


Ronaldo sempre marca no Mestalla



Ronaldo siempre marca en Mestalla

Женская сборная Бразилии оформила лидерство в группе

Роналдо всегда забивает в Месталье

Ronaldo always scoring at Mestalla


Valencia, Barça e Real lutam pela liderança na Espanha

Real Madrid perde do Athletic Bilbao no Espanhol

Com Roberto Carlos no banco, Real Madrid perde fora de casa

Roberto Carlos estará en el banquillo

Athletic-Real Madrid: la confirmación, en La Catedral




Чемпионат Испании: бомбардиры

ФИФА даст игрокам больше времени на отдых

"Реал": У Ремона двухлетний контракт

Заявка "Атлетика" на матч с мадридским "Реалом"

"Реал" потерял второго полузащитника

Камачо может возглавить "Порту"

"Атлетик Бильбао" - "Реал Мадрид" 2:1

Отчет о матче

Preview: All eyes still on Real Madrid in La Liga

Madrid look for more of the same

Real slump to another defeat at classy Bilbao


Alaves 0:3 Real Madrid. Ronaldo goals. Second time in progress...

Photos: Ronaldo v Alaves (ver.4)

Video: Second Ronaldo goal to Alaves

Video: First Ronaldo goal to Alaves

Robinho treina na areia da Espanha

Com grande exibição de Ronaldo, Real garante segunda vitória seguida

Ronaldo faz dois e Real vence segunda consecutiva



0-3: Ronaldo endereza definitivamente el rumbo del Madrid


Статистика матча

0-3: Роналдо тянул на себя штурвал и Реал слетел


Ronaldo double helps erase Real troubles

0-3: Ronaldo puts Madrid definitively back on the right course


Fotos: Ronaldo & Real

Ronaldo ganha apoio de companheiros no Real

Ronaldo fuera de la lista

Cicinho será operado el martes

"Динамо" ждет "Реал"

Волшебное око Дунги

Сисиньо будет прооперирован завтра вечером

Роналдо успешно продолжает восстановление


Kaká ganhará "Bola de Ouro", diz jornal


Kaká ganará el renovado Balón de Oro 'Mundial'


Sono 21 i Convocati Per Il Palermo

Заявка "Милана" на игру против "Палермо"

Анчелотти: в матче с "Палермо" увидите другой "Милан"

Международная федерация профессиональных футболистов назвала 55 кандидатов на звание лучшего

"Палермо" – "Милан" – 2:1

"Милан" ни как не может радовать на Чемпионате Италии



Fotos: Роналдо на вечерней тренировке. Ronaldo. Treino da tarde

Dunga diz que não é hora de mudanças e diminui chance de Ronaldo jogar a Copa

Ronaldo não reconhece garoto de 4 anos como filho

`Em coração de vó cabe todo mundo´, diz mãe de Ronaldo

Ronaldo é poupado de treino, mas quem preocupa no Timão é o zagueiro Chicão

Коринтиансу нужен Роналдиньо

Дунга просит оставить Роналдиньо в покое

Ривалдо - первый узбекский миллионер

Полузащитник "Спартака" Алекс вызван в сборную Бразилии

Роналдо пропустил вчерашнюю вечернюю тренировку


Nas numeradas, Adriano e Ronaldo vibram com a vitória do Timão



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Luxemburgo: "I have done many things, but I still have more to do"

And so the final moment comes. “When you´re not playing for anything it hard to focus, but we must try to please our fans”. This is the message sent by Luxemburgo during his press conference to his team for the next game against Zaragoza. The coach is already thinking about the future: “I have done many things, but I still have more left. With such a team, we can only think of winning. We can move on further”. And he finished by talking about Figo´s situation and the calling up of Ronaldo for Brazil.

Are you going to give minutes to those players who played less during this season?
No. They will play the normal and necessary minutes, as we have done until now. We are not going to change now. I respect what those players with less minutes say but as a professional, I must look after my team. I´m an intelligent man and I know whether I have done my work well, but I also know that we can move forward a bit more and that´s the only thing I think about. Now that the season is over, can we say that the team have learnt from their mistakes?
Each of them has their own character and personality, but the other day, when I was watching the game between Liverpool and Milan, I was a bit sad because I realized that we could have been there. It´s good that the players have character and that they wonder why they weren´t in that final when they have the qualities to have been there. Something happened in order for us not to be there, and that´s what I thought about, not whether Milan or Liverpool deserved to win or lose.

Is it hard to focus on the game when everything is already decided?
Of course it´s hard to focus, because you are not risking anything, but we must finish well and for that we must go onto the pitch with the aim of pleasing our fans.

Roberto Carlos had said that since your arrival the team has polished out it´s defects. Is that a foundation for the future?
Since I arrived I have been working thinking about about the future. I have done a lot of things, but I still have a lot left to do, as you can´t do everything at once. You have to go step by step, seeing the reaction of the players. With a team like tis, in which there are a lot of great players, we can only think about winning. We fought for the League, and for the the Champions, but we didn´t get them.

Will Real Madrid talk to the Brazilian Confederation so that Ronaldo will be able to take holidays and won´t have to go to the Confederation Cup?
Real Madrid will talk to the Brazilian Confederation. Ronaldo is a plyer on the team and will have, for us, the same time as the rest of the players. The problem is that he has been selected. Players aren´t machines and they have to have holidays to be able to do what they can´t do during the season, have a beer, have a barbecue, go to the beach... Liker that they come back with their batteries recharged. Nevertheless, all of the players of the team will have the same problem.

Will the Club give in and give him longer holidays if the Confederation don´t?
Real Madrid already has a program fixed for all the team, not only for Ronaldo. His problem isn´t that of Madrid, but that of the Brazilian team. We are going to train for five days in Madrid after the holidays and then we are going on tour. It´s something we have to do and we can´t change that.

Do you think that the Confederation is blackmailing him saying that if he doesn´t play in the selection then they´ll leave him out of the 2006 World Cup?
I don´t know, it depends how you look at it. Basically, I don´t know what it´s all about. I prefer to hear what people say from their own mouths. This conflict will always exist and to resovle these situations the parties involved have to sit down together, the FIFA, the federations, the clubs...

What do you think of the talk in the media about Ronaldo being sell-able?
Arrigo and I saw the front page of this story and we think it´s absurd. How would I say that the best in the world would not stay here in his position, although it´s true that there is no player that can´t be sold because of clauses in their contracts. But what they wrote on the front pages was a different matter. They can say what they like: once they said that Capello would come here and I would go, but I´m still here.

Will Figo cover the absence of the sanctioned Beckham?
I´ll think about it tomorrow, as this week has been a bit different, somewhat looser in training, as it´s the last game of the season and there´s nothing to play for.

Would you like the Portuguese player to stay on in the team next season?
We´ll talk about next season then.

Figo says there´s no dialogue with you, is that true?
We have a dialogue, but when he was out of the team he stopped greeting me. He doesn´t say hello or goodnight. I talk to him professionally, but personally is another matter. He won´t greet me again, but it´s not a problem.

Will it be a problem if he continues on the team?
If he comes back next season there will be no problem at all. I am the boss and he is my player, and professionally, you have to respect the boss. I don´t have any problem with him or with anybody else. On a personal level, I invite anybody I want to my house, but on the team everybody is on the same level and belongs to it. Professionally he has responded, like everyone else. He got mad when he was off the team, because he´s a player with a lot of talents and he´s on the bench. I understand nothing´s wrong. He doesn´t show disrespect to me, he just thinks one way and me in another.

Would it be difficult to work with him?
If I had to work with him it wouldn´t be a problem. If he greets me or not, it´s not a problem. Personal issues don´t interfere with work. Everyone knows that when you put a player out of the team there are problems. There is never a season where there are no problems. He is important within the team, like everyone is. You can´t play a season with only eleven players.

Did you hope he´d react differently?
He has been a professional. The only thing I´ve said is that there has been no personal dialogue since his departure from the squad. Whether it´s a logical reaction is something you´d have to ask him. I´d have reacted in a different manner, but I can´t say whayt other people should do.


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