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This day in history of Ronaldo


Real Madrid 2002-2003

Тариф "Реала": 3 миллиона за игру

Мечты о пляже

Франк Райкаард: Барса – уровня Реала

Василий Уткин. "Барселиньо"

Тариф "Реала": 3 миллиона за игру


Seleção feminina goleia na Suécia


El Madrid se hace la primera foto oficial antes de un suave entreno de relajación

El grupo sufre con el bochorno; Figo comienza su puesta a punto

Sesión vespertina: Todos contra la defensa

Мориентес не уйдет с Реала

Реал Мадрид сегодня сделал первую официальную фотографию до тренировки

Команда страдает от жары, Фиго присоединился к тренировкам

Вечерняя тренировка: Все против защиты!


Beijing Guoan 2:3 Real Madrid. Full time!

Beijing Guoan, 23 Julio 2005, Real Madrid

Some Photos of Ronaldo at China

Parreira convoca Seleção Brasileira na terça

Brasil mantém sua hegemonia no ranking da Fifa

Ronaldo nega aposentadoria da Seleção em 2006

Ronaldo e Figo se aventuram como pilotos na China


2-3: Las adversidades no frenan a un Madrid con carácter

"Реал" победил "Бейдзин" в товарищеском матче

"Якэ дурнэ поехало в турне...вернулось с турне - такэж дурне"


Real Madrid struggle to beat Beijing Guo'an 3-2


Ronaldo Fenômeno curte balada eletrônica, no Rio

Тренер "Реал" Мадрида Капелло заявляет, что с Рональдо все в порядке


Photo: Ronaldo and the Champions Cup

Calendario completo degli appuntamenti di precampionato


Photos: Ronaldo training

Milan promete atacante, mas não será Ronaldinho

Ronaldo estilo 'black power' no Milan

Pelé opina que Kaká debe seguir en el Milan

Berlusconi se rinde ante el Barça

Calendario completo degli appuntamenti di precampionato

Пеле: "Деньги - это не все!"

Берлускони: "Кого-нибудь да купим"


Photos: Роналдо в раздевалке до матча |  Vestiário antes de Corinthians x Vitória



Photos: Роналдо против Виториа | Ronaldo v Vitória

Video: Гол Детиньо после суперпаса Роналдо | Golaço da 13ª rodada: Dentinho, do Corinthians

Velocidade do Vitória preocupa Mano Menezes

Novidade no profissional, Dodô se diz preparado

Diego joga na lateral; Jorge Henrique ainda é dúvida

Flamenguistas fazem camisa "homenageando" traição de Ronaldo

Mano pede fim da 'paradinha' para Ronaldo, cobrador ao lado de Chicão

Ronaldo pode superar sua marca de 2006

Ronaldo pode superar sua marca de 2006

Miniatura de Ronaldo à venda no site do Corinthians

Timão faz dever de casa, derrota o Vitória e entra no G-4

Mano destaca comportamento acima da média do grupo corinthiano

Timão vence o Vitória em casa e salta para o G-4 do Brasileiro

Dentinho: “Agora vamos buscar o primeiro lugar”

Ronaldo puede superar su marca del 2006

Ronaldo peut dépasser sa marque de du 2006

Ronaldo puede superar su marca del 2006

Чемпионат Бразилии |Первые результаты 13-й тура

Чемпионат мира по футболу могут оставить без пива

Роналдо в заявке на матч с "Виториа"

Роналдо может превосходить свои показатели 2006 года

Аргентина примет Бразилию в Росарио

"Коринтианс" уже заняла 4 место

Ronaldo can surpass its mark of the 2006



eXTReMe Tracker



Ronaldo raring to go against Barca

Real Madrid striker Ronaldo is raring to return to action in Saturday's match against former club Barcelona after over a month out with an ankle injury. "I've undergone 20 days of very intense treatment and have done three or four training sessions and now I'm ready to play," the Brazilian international told a news conference on Thursday.

"The ankle is a delicate area especially for a striker, who has to change direction all the time, but I've worked hard during the whole recovery programme.

"I'm happy with what I've done, I feel good and I'm ready for the game although it will be up to the coach to decide how much I play. Like the rest of the team I will be at 100 percent for the match."

Ronaldo, who suffered a partial ligament tear in his left ankle after scoring two goals in last month's 3-0 Primera Liga win over Atletico Madrid, is Real's leading scorer with seven league goals this season.

"It hurts when you can't be there to help the team," he said. "But it's a long season and the important thing is that we are still up there and have a good chance to win this game, earn ourselves more points and then go on to win the league."

The 29-year-old Brazilian dismissed suggestions that in-form Barcelona were the overwhelming favourites for Saturday's clash at the Bernabeu.

"I don't think there are any favourites. I've never seen any team win a match before the kickoff, not Brazil, not Spain, nor any other team.

"We don't have to prove anything to anybody. It is a game that is worth three points just like any other and we have to make sure we win it especially as it is at home.

"We have the quality to beat any team in the world."

Responding to comments from Barcelona players and coach Frank Rijkaard who said this week that they hoped Ronaldo would be able to play, the Brazilian replied: "I wonder if they will be so happy after the game."


He also had a message for Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o who will return to the Bernabeu for the first time since insulting his former club during the Catalans' title celebrations at the end of last season.

"Eto'o will get the reception he deserves from the Real Madrid fans. He said things that weren't very intelligent.

"You have to understand the Real Madrid fans. I have been jeered many times in my career and I don't know how he will be received. But the fans have to give an example just like the rest of the club."

Eto'o chanted derogatory comments about Real into the microphone during a speech at the Nou Camp after Barca won the title last May.

The Cameroon international apologised the following day for his comments.

Ronaldo, however, had praise for his compatriot Ronaldinho, the Barcelona forward who is favourite to win this year's European footballer of the year award.

"If it is true (reports that he has won the award) I think he deserves it, he's a great player and a great friend and he's had an outstanding year," said Ronaldo who won the prestigious prize in 1997 and 2002.


18.11.2005 08:14 +0300

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