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This day in history of Ronaldo



CBF pode marcar amistoso da seleção na Europa

Polêmica: 'Barça não é imbatível nem com 11 Ronaldinhos'

Real quer evitar confrontos com alemăes na Copa dos Campeőes

Real Madrid é o único com chances reais no quarteto espanhol

Campeőes da primeira fase

Dois gols no La Coruńa

Puede tocar un rival alemán

Dos goles al Depor


«Реал» с опаской относится к «Баварии» и «Штутгарту»

Немецкий противник?

Два раза против "Депортиво"

A German rival?

Two against Depor


Photos: Ronaldo vs Real Sociedad

"Real Madrid" 1:1 "Real Sociedad". Gol de Ronaldo! Juego no terminado por aviso de bomba

Partida do Real Madrid é suspensa por ameaça de bomba

Ameaça de bomba interrompe jogo do Real Madrid

"Real Madrid" 1:1 "Real Sociedad". Gol de Ronaldo! Juego no terminado por aviso de bomba


1-1: Una crónica que nunca debió ser cortada...

Cronología de una noche para el olvido

"Real Madrid" 1:1 "Real Sociedad". Гол Роналдо! Матч не доигран из-за угрозы теракта

Статистика матча

"Real Madrid" 1:1 "Real Sociedad". Gol de Ronaldo! Match can not be terminated.

Real Madrid stadium evacuated in ETA bomb threat

Bomb threat forces stadium evacuation


Seleção Brasileira enfrentará a Rússia em março

"Реал" узнал, кто ему дорог

Сборная Бразилии сыграет товарищеский матч против России в марте

Brazil to face Russia in World Cup warm-up


Ronaldo é poupado em treino físico do Real

Ronaldo no acabó un duro entrenamiento

Роналдо не смог закончить сегодняшнюю тренировку

Отчет от Радуги о поездке в Киев

Ronaldo leaves training early


Milan é o grande favorito da semifinal contra o Urawa apesar da baixa de Ronaldo

Il Boca punta il Milan


Milan anuncia corte de Ronaldo do Mundial de Clubes

Ronaldo passa o Natal no Brasil com a namorada e o filho

Ronaldo tem segundo pior ano da carreira

Milan ohne Ronaldo im Halbfinale


Jankulovski, Simic e Dida in campo

Ronaldo non ce la fa, niente mondiale per club. Ancelotti 'Restiamo concentrati'

Galliani, Ronaldo non ce la faceva

"Милан" тряхнет "Золотым мячом"

Определился первый финалист клубного чемпионата мира по футболу

Роналдо не включен в заявку "Милана" на чемпионат Мира

Ronaldo out of Club World Cup


Photos: Ronaldo during his presentation as player of Corinthians - Фотографии: Роналдо во время его представления в Коринтиансе

Photos: Ronaldo during his presentation as player of Corinthians (2) Фотографии: Роналдо во время его представления в Коринтиансе (2)

Fotos: Ronaldo se apresenta - Фотогалерея: Роналдо уже в Коринтиансе

Ronaldo é apresentado e fala sobre novo desafio no Corinthians

Ronaldo chega com pompa, mas diz que é "mais um" e nega privilégios

Corinthians vive dia de festa com chegada de Ronaldo

Diretoria do Corinthians pede paciência com Ronaldo

Em meio ao otimismo, Ronaldo ainda vê incógnita sobre sua recuperação

As muitas gorduras de Ronaldo Fenômeno

Ronaldo precisa de ajuda para vestir camisa de torcida

'Vou honrar a camisa do início ao fim', diz Ronaldo

Ronaldo é o mais bonito do time, diz Miss Fiel

Apresentação de Ronaldo é histórica

Ronaldo se presenta con Corinthinas y dice "no estar muerto para el fútbol"

Ronaldo si presenta 'Non sono un privilegiato'

Роналдо представлен в качестве игрока "Коринтианса"

Роналдо пришел шумно, но сказал, что обойдется без привилегий

The boy is back in Brazil. Ronaldo officially joins Corinthians


Ronaldo e Zidane disputarão jogo beneficente em Lisboa

В Бразилии названы рыцари "серебряного мяча"

Ronaldo, Zidane play 'Match against Poverty'


В Гамбурге пройдет девятый Матч против бедности



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Ronaldo: "The fans must be an example of how we and the Club are"

He's eager to get on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu this Saturday to show that he is totally recovered from his injury and help the team as much as possible. Also the Madrid striker made a call to the fans to behave with respect "as the Club and we do".

How are you?
I'm eager to play. I've been in hard treatment for 20 days. I've done three or four training sessions and I'm at the disposal of the coach.

Are you in any pain?
There's still pain, but that's normal. I don't remember having played in the last few years without some pain. We're going for the three points. I'm feeling good. The ankle is a difficult thing for a striker, with changes of direction and swerves. I've been working hard.

Are you one hundred percent?
I will be. We have to be at our best, and if we can be better, then great.

Ronaldinho is delighted that you're playing.
I'm not so sure they'll be so delighted after the match.

You're eager and motivated.
We don't have to prove anything to anybody. It's just another match that's worth three points like any other. We shouldn't focus too much on our rivals. We have the potential to beat anybody. We have to play with a lot of intelligence and take advantage of any opportunities we have.

How will the fans treat Eto´o?
As he deserves. I don't know how he was treated in Madrid. When he left he said some things that weren't very intelligent.

Did you think you'd miss the Classic at any point?
I had just the right amount of time to recover, but I always thought I'd be able to play.

Is it a bit early for you to play a full match?
I don't know if I'll play and how long for. I've done a lot of aerobic work on the bicycle. The speed side of things hasn't completely recovered yet.

Barcelona has been improving in recent games.
I don't know and I don't care. We have to play our football.

What do you think of the Golden Ball award for Ronaldinho?
I think it's very good. It's deserved. He's stood out this year and so I congratulate him.

Etoó later apologised for what happened.
You have to understand the Madrid fans. I've been whistled at many times and I don't know how they'll receive him.

What do you think of the media's recent talk about the incident?
The fans have to be an example of how the Club and we are.

Who's the favourite?
There are no favourites in matches like this. Any small detail could decide the game.

Eto´o has said that you're a danger.
I think that before the Classic he's a wavering a bit, but that's normal.

What do you think of the dependence on Ronaldo?
I take the responsibility when I'm on the pitch. This is a team and a group and we all have the same objective.

Have people been unfair to Luxemburgo this month?
The unfairness came from the fact of us missing a lot of players at the same time. When you have so many absences it's not easy. He has our trust and will continue to.

What about Beckham?
I think he'll be there. I saw him at the physio getting massaged. We have all been injured and hurt. It's a sport with a lot of physical contact but I think we'll all be there for the game. We all have our importance.

And this match won't decide anything much anyway.
Exactly. It's a game like any other. We have to get three points at home.

There's been talk about the possibility of signing a left winger.
You have to look at where the comments are coming from. Creating controversies, in this room, there are some specialists. You shouldn't put too much importance on things that don't make sense. If it comes from the Club then you can think about it, otherwise, you should ignore it. You have to listen to the Club. All these controversies come to an end as they don't make sense.

You're now Spanish
I'm very happy to be Spanish. I lived for one year in Barcelona and three here. I'm very happy. Also it leaves the Club the opportunity to sign another non-European Union player.

What do you think of Cicinho?
He's a very fast offensive winger, with a lot of skill. He's the future left winger of the national team. If it's true he's been signed then I'm happy about it.

A result 2-0.


18.11.2005 08:14 +0300

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